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Color Catcher!

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Arrow keys to move
I made this in about a full day of coding and thinking of the idea...
Then half of the day was spent tweaking the speeds and velocities of things.
I hope you guys have fun!
Oh and thank all of you who voted! And thanks for the great reviews!

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It needs tweaking though. The gameplay is tedious and too simple. The square is extremely slidy; too much so. I recognize you made it for momentum purposes, but make the deceleration a little quicker. Also, it's strange that there are different colors falling. I would have preferred that you had to collect, say... A certain number of a certain color without touching any other colors. Something like that would have been a bit more fun. On top of that, the mines were just annoying, and I didn't get the point of the different colors. An even better idea would have been implementing a timer, and then at the end, giving you a score based on your longest streak of hitting the same color in a row. Two elements that would have spiced up the gameplay a lot.

And of course the graphics have to be worked on. Maybe you're more of a programmer than an artist, as am I, but you need to practice becoming a jack of all trades, at least to some degree. Give the circles some texturing, make a SIMPLE background, etc.


Kinda basic gameplay/graphics.

Also I have one suggestion -- I noticed that when you collect them they randomly appear at the top of the screen (which is a good way to do it) BUT the speed remains the same. One time I played and all of the greens where going really slow. It would be a good idea to make it so that when it is collected & recreated, the speed should be to a new random speed.


Adding on to what BLAZEOFTIME said, there could be challenges like getting 50 of red but not getting over 10 of the others.

potatopower responds:

Alright that is a great Idea actually... I might just use that lol


ok, by now you know of all of it's lil complications. so how bout this lil idea? incorporate a few more levels and put up some objectives and with these orbs you buy upgrades (i.e. faster block speed or some side snatching device) each lvl could have it's own music and own lil complications... if you need any more ideas i'm just a pm away... good luck and good job, btw!

potatopower responds:

Alright! Thank you!

nice job given the time

Simple yet amusing concept...I decided to collect yellow.

The menu and ending screens could use a touch up...just so you know, the yellow words I got in the end screen after collecting 50 yellow were partly cut off on the right side so I couldn't read the full sentences.

It was strangely addicting while it lasted, nice job with just a day of coding!

potatopower responds:

Thanks man!
Pm me sometime.. I think I know why it cut off...
it was dynamic text... if it wasn't dynamic you wouldn't have been able to see it
Think it would be worth to make a second one?

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2010
9:01 PM EDT

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