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My Platform Game Engine#4

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Finally I ve made something.
I have used 20 hours working on the gun projectile system for the sake of god.
Thank goddess I have killed the problems and made separate codes practical and useful.

I wish to develop some new characters. Please feel free to tell me who you want to appear in the game and I will do my best.

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yes it is good and it can be included for a game but is a..prototype or game progression?

not good

............no words for this one


It's an okay engine the only problem I have with it is that the character youre controlling goes FASTER then the screen sometimes...also you need to fix a lot of the glitches in tis engine.

Still a little buggy.

The only reason I'm not giving this a good score is that it's not a full game. that's the only reason. It's only a beta and I understand that but I'm not going to give it a good score when there are other posted games much better then that.
Bugs that I spotted.
-when I make a melee attack then try to jump there is a delay. Try to melee the instantly try to jump and you'll see what I mean.
-When i killed an enemy then died the enemy didn't respawn after I respawned.
-When I fired the gun then moved the avatar around the aiming of the gun locks in place. It does unlock to where the mouse pointer is only after I move the point around.
-If I get hit while holding the gun it switchs back to melee.
-at one point it froze but I couldn't tell what from.

suggestions game play wise.
-the combat is boring. maybe speed it up or add more combos to melee. even adding a block may help
-the AI was easy to cheat. In the pit like area I just forced them all into a corner and wailed on them. Maybe have them jump around or try to surround the player or block randomly.
-make the guns more useful and the AI react to it. I was able to pick off the the first two guys just by standing near the edge and picking them off. Couldn't they just hop up the ledge and melee the player...or even just shot back.


The Instructions are SOOO confuse >.<
and one more thing... i can actually PLAY the game before I press OK in the instructions
You should fix that
sorry my crap english