Sheep Dolly Tower Defense

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Your target is surviving 50 waves of enemy creeps.
The key to survival is upgrading towers.


It's Kinda sad

How I can go thru most of what I played in this game with one tower, just upgrading it. I didn't think there was a max. This game is slow, unchallenging and unbalanced, which kills any kind of fun you'd hope to achieve. I've built a second basic tower with my excess funds and I'm really curious to see if I can beat the 50 waves with just these two.

I did like how the sheep noises was randomized but after killing 399813 sheep it didn't matter. Once the game becomes more balanced, and maybe a few more different types of sheep added to increase the challange and lower the predictablity, this might be a fun tower defense game. Keep doin what u do.


alright, needs work, 4 out of 10

the tower graphics suck, a little better tower selection would help. more creep variety, extended strategy.the path is identicle to others ive seen, so thas not cool, and better text and all around graphics would be a big boost. lag on over doing towers, flame for example.

Middle Ground

This has potential, just need to add some more towers/levels/difficulties and it could be really good, as it stands its a mid range slightly laggy td, not bad but not great either.

Took me awhile

Beat it with 10 health left....That final sheep is pretty hard to kill.

Anyway, the main problem is the serious lag, beginning around level 37, then getting serious around level 47. 2 levels went by, 45-47, before it acknowledged me clicking on the upgrade button...

If this lag could be fixed, it would be an awesome TD game...The only real problem is the lag.

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well kinda.

The idea is good, but the graphics combined with "slow gameplay" kinda ruins it.
it needs a little more action. but anyway keep up the work.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2010
2:22 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense