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Star Fighter: DT

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Star Fighter: Dragon's territory

You are playing as a pilot of a new ultimate space fighter with a mission
to infiltrate the enemy territory and destroy an important target.
Using space crystals, the spacecraft is constantly upgrading to fight its way
through enemy lines and complete the mission.
Every shot takes energy. Watch energy level.
Collect space crystals to upgrade the weapon.


Control - mouse
Attack - left mouse button

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This game was fun

I think its pretty boring it will be much better if it was in 3D and the enemies are soo easy to defeat "YAWN"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


I think this game could be so much better . reasons are as follows:
1. weapons are almost the same
2.boring gameplay
3.levels are too long
4.enemies are too easily defeated
If you could change these different things to the opposite, this would be so much better.

Okay, but a few issues.

First off, I don't like the control much. I don't know if anybody else would feel better using WASD or the arrow keys, but I would.

Second, the stages were slow, and not fast like shooters should be. I never really came close to dying, and sometimes even found myself waiting for enemies. The more I play it I memorize their patterns and it gets easier and easier.

Third, the upgrades aren't very noticable. From 1 shot, to 3 shots, to 5 shots, back to 2 bigger shots. That's as far as I've played where the weapons were very great. The 5 shot upgrade has about the same range and hit box as the 3 shot weapon.

Lastly, the upgrade system is really weird. I can never exactly tell when I'm about to upgrade. Maybe next time, use a system where you purchase your upgrades.

7/10 for these issues. Good game, the graphics were great, and the music is pretty awesome.


Very very nice :X