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Hold Your Ground

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Use the mouse to build a castle and protect your men.

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needs some improvements

I like the game but few things that started bugging me as I played on. I wish I could edit my castle if the level fails instead of having to start from scratch every time.

Then the moving tool, it shouldn't pick the item up from a point. Because when I pick up a block it starts spinning and is more of a hazard than anything else. I'm better of deleting the block and placing it again. Change the moving tool so that the picked up block doesn't start rotating around the picked point.

Imo having to hold down the mouse until you find a good spot for your block is not a good idea. More than once I, for one reason or other, accidentally let go of the mouse button while moving and object and it materialized in a terrible spot pushing other blocks away and wrecking my castle. Change it to be click to select, click to place it.

Do the different tools have hotkeys? I mean is there a hotkey to quickly select the move tool or destroy tool or the 'normal' tool? If not, there should be. And if there is, you should write the hotkey next to the icon.

I think you should look into a bit of how the stones fall over the playing area. Because you can win one time and lose another time with the same castle. It's a bit of luck when the burning stone or the huge stone misses your castle completely and you are like 'wow I'd be dead if that hit me'.

Few annoyances, but overall I enjoyed the game. I like buildings stuff and seeing how it holds up under punishment :). Good job.

Not bad

I liked the game.. one very good thing was that i was not supposed to build the castle by some "drawing" .. but i could build a castle of ... my own.. lol ...

Good but...

I liked it except for the extremely frustrating move-block tool (the red one). When I place a block on top of another really gently it will go fucking crazy and move around heaps. If you fixed the physics then I would definitely give this at least an 8/10.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2010
7:12 AM EDT