Tonys Dietary Dilemma 1.1

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AIM: Collect yummy ingrediants for Tony's sammich!

Author's Notes:
This game is not 100% complete, so please do not put rude comments within reviews. I will be fixing bugs and changing background and some graphics within the game, a highscore table will also be put in so should be fun.

I am aware of the glitch, food doesn't fall at times. I am working on this.

Let me know what you think of the BETA.
www.amylittlehands.tumblr .com

Change Log:
* Added Preloader
* Changed Background


Nice Job! <3 Completely playable and fun...ish game.

Art - 3 - Very stylistic, love it. :)
Music - 3 - Sounds pretty, ya know, Royalty-free: but still pleasant.
Storyline - 0 - This game dont need no storyline! CX
Game - 3 - Amazing time-wasting game <3
Controls - 5 - Works completely fine lol


You misspelled both DIETARY and DILEMMA!? Those two words comprise the bulk of the title,yes? Besides that egregious error;the gameplay is stale,the music does not fit at all,the majority of the food items seem to be rancid(what kind of kitchen is this fer'chrissakes?). A game was made twenty some years ago called "Burger Time",look it up...maybe"borrow" some ideas.

AmyMation responds:

Thanks for the spelling correction. Sorted now. Sorry you feel that way about the game. I just wish you would put that energy into actually giving constructive critisism so I can improve.

decent, nearly...

save for the bug with the food not continuing to fall it plays well enough.

however, it seems like there are a bit of things that should be added to tempt you to play it a second time.
1. earn an extra life for a certain point value or amount of food caught without missing any in between (combo)
2. content, you've got one level or activity, but beyond that this is very nearly devoid of content that will last more than the first play, it is arguable that a high score table locally could motivate you to try and beat your friend's high scores, but... really and i'm sorry, but this alone is not entertaining beyond measure of minutes.
3. i'm fairly sure that any wii owners would feel thuroughly ripped off having paid even .99 cents for this with bugs fixed, it really could be worse, but it feels so shallow in quite a few ways, if you really want to release it on wii-ware i'd suggest doing a mini-game based game like the warioware series, but there needs to be more to hold attention.

verdict (on this beta, not the entire finished):
it feels disposable and fleeting, not immensely entertaining as is, but with possible potential if more content is added however the execution is so far not entirely lackluster either.
2/5 vote
4/10 stars.

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AmyMation responds:

Thanks for the review, really apprechiate it along with the constructive critisism. Concidering I have restricted time on this project I can only make certain changes. Hopefully I'll keep working on this after the project. About it being on the Wii, I won't be selling it. I'll be uploading the game to my server and users can direct their web browser on the wii to the page and play it for free.

- Amy.

nice job

love the music and the little tony guy :) only problem the food stopped coming after a bit. i refreshed and the problem fixed itself :) nice job

AmyMation responds:

Thanks for the review, really apprechiate it. Yeah that glitch is being worked on at the moment! A scoreboard will also be included and this game is Nintendo wii compatable!


1) A preloader would be good if u can put 1 in
2) A click on how to play, and when i okay out of that i was expect to be back at main menu but it went straight into game and I wasn't prepared lols
3) I missed first thing 2 get because i didn't notivce his tray, the next few were all modly, and then they just stopped coming down.

Sop u gotta keep em comming and work on creating different shaped waves instead of just random....

AmyMation responds:

Sorry you feel that way but as I've said, I know there's glitches. My pre-loader is in the making. I will also take in account what you said about the 'how to play' issue.

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Jun 4, 2010
11:37 AM EDT
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