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In a post-apocalyptic future world ORE MAN fights for survival the only way he can, mining the underworld for diamonds and rubies and unleashing his thunder cannon on any that challenge his right to survival. Fun retro arcade based on Dig Dug. Use your keyboard to play this game.


Use the Arrow Keys to move ORE MAN up, down, left and right. Note that ORE MAN moves within a grid, so he can only turn at specific columns or rows, however if you press the key for turns just before they come up you can achieve seamless cornering. If ORE MAN ever seems stuck, just try moving in a different direction.

Use the 'A' or 'Z' key to fire your thunder cannon. This is a powerful weapon, tap to unleash a single burst of energy, or hold down for a continuous stream of fury. Some enemies will expand if you continue to pump them with your cannon.

Staying Alive

Monitor ORE MAN's health with the health bar at the top of the game. Any creature (or KrocTank bullet) that touches ORE MAN removes some of ORE MAN's health. ORE MAN can take at least 21 hits before he dies and the game is over. If you are down to the very end of your health (with only about 1 or 2 hits left) you can boost your health a bit by collecting a Diamond or Ruby. When ORE MAN gets hit by anything bad, he utilizes direct power from his central core to protect himself and zap the enemy, however the load causes ORE MAN to drop to his knees. When he gets up again he will have a second or two of invincibility in order to get away from other dangers.

Play Tips

ORE MAN moves in a grid, similar to Taizo in the classic game DigDug.

If ORE MAN is mining through dirt his speed is slower than when he is traveling through an existing tunnel.

All enemies (except Pillbugs and KrocTank) pretty much stay in the tunnels. If a critter is moving at high speed it may be able to pass though a thin wall of dirt.

Pillbugs primarily stay in the dirt sections, however at high speed they may be able to jump short tunnel sections. Pillbugs can be tricky to shoot, but there is always a way to get them, you just might need to move to line up the right shot.

KrocTank makes visiting above ground dangerous, watch out. He can be killed with several hits, but only temporarily. Watch out for both KrocTank and his tank bullets.

Rock and Roll. There are two types of rocks in the game, fixed rocks and rocks that can fall. You can not shoot through or move though either type of rock. The some rocks will fall if the dirt below it is mined away, and as it falls it will kill any bugs that it touches, but will not harm ORE MAN.

Diamonds and Rubies are worth 1000 points and can boost your health if you are about to die. Saving them for the end of a level could be a good strategy if your health is somewhat low, but not critical. If your health is critical, them grab them for a little boost.

Mutants! Bugs and Snakes will mutate if they reach the surface due to the high radioactivity in the atmosphere. Mutant bugs are larger and require 3 hits instead of 1 to kill.


This game is very non fun.
Some of them are glitching and the level design isnt fun.
Aslo on level 4 theres this guy in a tank that u cant destroy

controls are somewhat unresponsive

couldnt quite play the game properly
but its good in concept

Mute Button :L

Mute button on it only works for a bit or something :L. Or every lvl comes back on. Apart from that it is quite good.

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2.16 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2010
9:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional