The Ultimate Preloader NG

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The arrow keys control the light and you click the screen first because a lot of the time it just doesn't load all the way, hehe

I just finished school and I wanted to make something that would be something just like this :)
hooray for everything, let summer begin >:D

thanks to Newgrounds for the actual preloader ;)

PS - this was just a quick little lolz, I didn't put much work into it so stop treating it like I did, if you want something good than watch what's on the top 50, not this


like the music though

The preloader was well.... hmmm. The only thing good about it is the loop #3

need some work

umm the light is stiff needs to be move quicker, umm instructions of suing arrow keys is needed and add something to give some one a reason to move the light besides there beign nothing else, like u have to move the light to collect something?

It doesn't appear to be working

There's no interactivity involving the light. The only thing you can do is hit the play button, but the light itself, which is no doubt the basis of the preloader, is not working. Maybe there was an error when you uploaded it, or something else went wrong.


I've seen better, though at least have the decency to say use the arrow keys or people will click play thinking they can move the damn ball. At least be interesting and make it into an actual game if you're serious.
If not, way to be mildly constructive in wasting your time!

well the music is awesome

let me getting nostalgic =) is there also a long loop?

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Jun 3, 2010
2:21 PM EDT
Adventure - Other