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Colorful game where you click the balls that are the same color as the flag, but its not that easy! world and balls behaviours change with every new level. Relax with this fun and colorful game _

Try beating all the levels, there is more challenge than you think here.

There is also a pc optimized version at: http://www.mordaza.byetho st18.com/colorstar.php

Colorido juego donde haces click en las bolas que tienen el mismo color que la bandera, pero no es tan facil! los comportamientos de las bolas y el mundo cambian con cada nuevo nivel. Relajate con este divertido y colorista juego _

Trata de pasar todos los niveles, aqui hay mas desafio de lo que crees.

Hay una version optimizada para pc en: http://www.mordaza.byetho st18.com/colorstar.php

Just click the balls that are the same color as the flag on screen. The more you click well in a row, the more points you get.

Haz click en las bolas que sean del mismo color que la bandera en pantalla. A más que aciertes seguidas, más puntos consigues


What the...

it sucks

Good start but could be alot better

a little more work on the graphics. Maybe some more interesting moves, power ups, or something. There are unlimited possibilities. Dont let this go to waste. Dont worry about straying from the original game. All in all a good start. Oh and some more music or a better loop. :) Music is annoying.

mordaza responds:

Thanks, everything that you point I will keep it in mind, I know it lacks several extras, and also the fact about the music. I will try my best in next releases I hope they get better with your and others comments and opinions, again thanks for commenting

The idea needs work.

The graphics need work and there's no reason for the big star to be all dancing in the foreground when the colored stars fly in the background especially when some of those starts fly fast.

Also the game is repetitive and offers nothing new. Mix up the gameplay. Offer power-ups that can freeze the screen temporarily for example.

mordaza responds:

Thanks for commenting, the fact is in every level the flying stars behave different, to make it not so repetitive, sometimes they bounce on the floor, sometimes the stick to the floor, and there are times when they chage direction etc additionaly foreground and background (environment) change everytime you beat 5 levels.

Good idea about the powerups, I heard it before and will probably add some items in next games


SO waht? don submit stuff twice man!

mordaza responds:

Sorry, this is specially designed for the Wii, of course the game looks the same but the publishing options and general performance is quite different, I never pretended to spam with senseles repetitions of same game, I just want to let other users play the game, and if someone had a Wii but not a PC he/she could play through this version and not the other

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2.51 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2010
7:23 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other