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Snake Metal (fast)

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this is a bit faster than normal so dont push your luck controls are the arrow keys.


an okay remake of snake but

no game over screen, white parts in the screen, no original background ... so works on the details and stuff

Been Done

Solid work, but far too simple. Since it's just snakes, at the very least I would have expected originality elsewhere, such as the graphics or the music. The graphics are about as basic as you can get though, and there are no sound effects or music. Since you have the programming in place, I suggest going back to work on it to really make the game your own. (Example: Flaming skulls flying around eating babies instead of generic shapes flying around.)

IXPyroEddXI responds:

i will make the graphics a bit better, thanks for the response.


This is pretty simple, at least it works. I bet if you pumped up the graphics a bit, added a title, and maybe some music, this could get my 10.

IXPyroEddXI responds:

ok i will work on it


1 star for pity, you can make a much better thing than this...

Pretty fun

its pretty fun, ive never played this game where you can go through the walls like that to the other side, but next time try putting like music or sound effects, maybe a scoring or timing system in there. its pretty fun to play tho

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1.69 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2010
12:46 PM EDT
Skill - Typing