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Kingdom Hearts Tidbits

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A soundboard containing memorable quotes from KH1, and some music from KH1. There are also 36 screenshots and four tips.

Heartless also have their own profile - I didn't make a profile for every Heartless, but just a few.

Please don't vote 0 on this if you don't like Kingdom Hearts. I put a lot of work into this.

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glad to see a fan of kingdom hearts giving something that's not very useful but still fun to interact with

I think it's really cool that you created something like this. A lot of people are down on it, but I think usermade content that's obviously passionate is really nice.

Guide book, with music.

Not really something that I expect to see on here. I've seen soundboards before and it's just a bunch of buttons that give sound bytes, so I'm not all that impressed. The rest is just pages of text files, showing people a few tips and tricks of how to play the game, which doesn't give me all that much faith in the submission.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that it's programmed well, but given that there's nothing really original to justify the use of flash, I can't award higher marks. I can write guides for games and wouldn't use a program to "animate" them, unless I had video walkthroughs - screenshots just seem like something that would be put in a blog walkthrough.


[Review Request Club]

To be honest this doesn't seem to be really one of your best things you have made. It just seems to be something you did for fun in the free time.

The tips page was useful at least and the Oogie Manor part is true in that if you don't get the trinity Mark before the battle it is lost forever. In Final Mix (only released in Japan sadly) they fixed this so it would appear on the ground near the manor after the battle if you had missed it earlier.

As for the Shadow Sora and Anti Sora those are true but the Anti Sora bit could have been updated to show a little bit about Kingdom Hearts II since in that game he can randomly become that after using the Form menu a few times. Then Ansem we find out later was the heartless of Xehanort.

As for the music it sounds lovely but becomes sad when going back to the main menu the original song overlaps the song you may have chose to play. The soundboard bits were nice to listen to. "You give up yet?" could have been a little better had you found a version that had no background music to it.

The screenshot gallery however seems to be the only thing here that seems completely pointless.

Overall, seems decent but the music clashing was a bit sad and the screenshot gallery seemed entirely pointless.

Review Request Club

really good!

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3.35 / 5.00

May 31, 2010
5:34 PM EDT