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I am doing a little flashwork to one of my school assignment. One task is to have other people to playtest a early beta of my game in order to obtain some feedback. Therefore I upload it here on NG.

I would like to hear everything and every feedback is good feedback to me.

What did you feel when playing this? Did you get enought of information? The difficulty level etc?

Please take some of your prizeworthy time and help me with this :))


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very good idea

awesome idea very fun and glasd ur back thought u had given up on newgrounds :D

Excellent idea, ok execution

I agree with the others. Different games would help vary the play. I also think that an unspent point indicator on the main screen would be great. I completed the second challenge and there was no indication that I had another point. Good work and worth developing.

found a bug..

there is a bug:when lose the challenge with 3 red balls and 2 black stars(?) that's up passed the guard to the right,return there but the button is still pressed like if the challenge's won....but i really like the idea,and suggest you tochange the main character:it's so anonimous!

rules or abilities

i dont know why you insisted on calling them rules instead of abilities

Nice ideea,bad game

The ideea is awesome!!!i give it a 10 out of 10 but the game sux.Why?I got annoied by these things.

-Make check points of the points aquired.It sucks going thru the games over and over again if you don't get it right.So if i have the 1st 2 points if i chose to restart the game it whould be nicer if i could just respend the points without going thru the challanges again

-Make checkpoints for challanges.It is tireing to walk to the challange i didn't completed.if a ball hit me ok but respawn me near to the challange where i died
!!!This is not very important but it whould be better for the player :D

-Diversity: Again,not very important but it whould be nice to have different games to play in order to acquire points(i only played 3-4 challanges because i got bored replaying the same avoiding game or making my way thru to the challange i lost from the begining).

Again i say that the ideea is brilliant:crossing out rulez,but it is kinda hard(and this is not the problem,cuz i like hard challanges) and annoing really fast

Hope you re-think the gameplay

CyberXR responds:

Thank you so much!

This is just the feedback I needed! :) I realised that myself when I played the game some hours ago but I didnt find any good solution to it. However your solution with different waypoints seems interesting and I will try it out. Thanks for the nice feedback once again :) Hope that you got the time to play some of my other games as well ;)

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May 31, 2010
4:02 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle