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Hey so i posted this a long time ago but it was glitchy in OH so many ways. But i have now revisited it and fixed it up a lot. I hope all the glitches are out but if you guys find any send me a message or comment. Any Feedback on anything is appreciated.

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Oh yeah..

This has more bugs than my matress...but nevertheless it is something we all would like to see you improve on here.

Very buggy....

.....the effort is there but there are glitches galore including collision detection. The first boss in the hut,..was fighting him and my character just went straight into the roof and then dissapeared. Also after three or four steps the character floats superman style across the screen. I see a lot of effort though.

famtio responds:

yes i agree the hitTest need a lot fo work. I am actaully trying to learn more about it. do you have a suggestion on where i can learn about it? or do you yourself have a suggestion on how to fix it?

Not bad, but needs some improvement

First of all, You've got some good artwork -i liked the background and variety of enemies a lot- and solid programming skills. I also enjoyed your music choice for the first stage, what was it? Also, the combo/special system was very nice, and I was surprised to see a feature of that caliber in this game, I've found 4 different special attacks, very impressive. But, as I'm sure you're aware, there is room for improvement.

I think if you had some solid "lane" definition, this game would be much better. It didn't matter if I was on the top or the bottom of the screen, an enemy arrow would hit me as long as part of it was flying past the main character's body, I realize this is a difficult feature to program in flash, but it's the first thing I noticed.
The controls were a bit sketchy, If i were moving to the right, then up, I would have to let go of all the buttons before the game would let me move to the right again, and you can't move diagonal, but this was a minor setback because it was kind of nostalgic of old beat-em-up control schemes.
The character's running motion was a bit slow to justify the speed he would travel. It looked like he was flying through the air rather then bounding across forest and building landscapes. Having said that, I really liked the hero of this story and his animalistic features - like running on all fours, it fit really well with the special moves.
Also, some kind of health power-up is essential, I could not beat the game, and I wanted to see the rest of the story, but maybe I'm just not that good.

Great work overall, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future, you've definitely got some talent.

famtio responds:

thanks for the feed back it is helpful to know where to start making the improvements! to answer your question I made the music in garge band.


really nice indeed!
the engine needs some work, but it's a good concept, try to fix up things like the movement and special attacks, the rest is pretty nice

Credits & Info

4.75 / 5.00

May 30, 2010
5:26 PM EDT