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[EDIT: Sorry for the wrong site! I published the site recently, but I thought that the site would be platformsandbox.yola.com, but instead, it turned up as platformsandbox.yolasite.
com. Sorry!]

Note: All comments will be responded to. Any doubts? Post it in the comments. I'm here 15/7 :D
-- Developers Open --
PM me to find out more.

-------- PlatformSandBox ---------
This game, is, as its name suggests, a platformer + a sandbox. You have no objective, and you can do whatever you want in this game. You can hop on platforms, fall on the ground, change your character's look, change the gravity, create an infinite gravity loop, destroy stuff, go through "blocks" (as if you are a ghost, a.k.a "one-way" block), and much more.
(Note: The custom cursor has another use apart from making the cursor look fancy -- find out!)

-- Instructions --
LEFT Key = Move your character left.
RIGHT Key = Move your character right.
UP and DOWN Keys = Had a purpose, but now removed.
SPACE Key = Jump.
S Key = Fan :D
TAB Key = (Don't cheat.) Help.
CONTROL Key = Respawn your character, handy if you encounter a bug.

#a1 - To add a block, refer to the inbuilt tutorial (TAB) or follow this:
Notice the rectangle at the bottom? That's the TOOLBOX. There are many other smaller squares inside. To add a block, click on any ONE square in the TOOLBOX, and --- notice the field surrounded by
the red blocks? that's the SANDBOX PLAYFIELD --- then click on the SANDBOX PLAYFIELD.

Do the same to add a gravity changer (the arrows). (Hint: They change the gravity in the direction they're pointing in :D)
You can open the "OPTIONS" by pressing the SHIFT Key. I couldn't include it in the tutorial :(
In the OPTIONS, you can allow blocks to be "one-way": allow the character to go through them, but still support him when he falls, you can allow blocks to be "destroyable": jump on them a random amount of times, depending on which block you choose, and it will be destroyed. Don't worry, you can respawn the blocks again! Just refer to the technique on #a1.
You can also respawn the character in the options menu.

Think you can make a better game? Then PM me and I'll give you a login to the developer den on the platform sandbox site so that YOU can help develop the game (and I'll add YOUR username in the credits, too. Just send me the FLA on the dumping grounds and PM me the link after you finished developing it)

I think this is THE first time I'm giving a game's source code away for free. Make the most of it, it won't stay forever! The source code will only stay for a few months!

The platform sandbox site: http://platformsandbox[do t]yolasite[dot]com[slash]

Ciao for now!
~ Gimmick



This is like a tiny scale Everybody Edits. gonna need to see somethign that hasnt been done there way bigger and better before I can decide anything. I do like these concepts tho maybe you can make something of it

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Gimmick responds:

Thanks for the review! But: I've been doing a lot of editing lately, and I've added the Game Development Kit. That isn't in everybody edits :D

Decent, but it is only a BETA!

this is a ok game, nd I understand it is a beta, but I'm starting to make a youtube series, FLASH! on the first episode this is contender for game of the day :D But I may say one thing, will the full version have a story?

Gimmick responds:

Read, cool-cam. It's a sandbox. You can't have a story, unless you make a maze and make the story yourself. Anyhow, thanks for the review!

umm... no

i dont see how this could work, its boring, and way too simple, any platform editor needs to have enemys, other than that whats the point in jumping around and getting tossed around by gravity. the authors comment has more depth than the game itself

Gimmick responds:

Shut up! Enemies are to be added in the LATER STAGES!!!! THIS IS ONLY A BETA, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! (Oh, sorry. Just a little cranky about the review :))

Plenty of problems, but a good beta

I think by the time this is finished, it could open the possiblity of many levels. It of course needs some work (a LOOOT!), but determination will help you succeed. You can look forward to me playing the full game when it comes out :D

Also, great music!

Gimmick responds:

Thanks a lot man ;)

I don't know the title of the music, but if you google "Dink Smallwood" and download it, then search for a DMod called "Once a hero". The music is in that game and in other DMODs as well ;)


Good game,just no objective to it, I do realize that it is a sandbox but still would be nice that we could save our settings(like where we put the blocks etc...)

Gimmick responds:

Yeah...I was thinkin' about that....but I don't know how to do it...maybe if a developer could PM me, then I'll give the source FLA to him so that HE can develop it like that.....(psst....the developer could be YOU!)

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May 30, 2010
6:58 AM EDT
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