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Survive in Space

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Make your spacecraft survive in space.
Use UP arrow key to move your spacecraft.
If the enemy missiles hit your spacecraft the game ends.

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hmm it's... cool : )

i like the idea, but is really simple... maybe you can do some shoots and explotions, a better design and more animation, maybe you can put some music there... but anyway! it's... cool : ) (Y)

It's too easy, and it's not interesting

To start off with, the game is really incredibly simple at the beginning. All you have to do is let your spacecraft sit on the bottom of the screen and periodically "jump" over a missile that goes by down there, which is pretty rare.

Secondly, there should be some sound other than just hte one explosion when you die. How about a sound for the jets? I realize in space there are no sounds, but in a video game, there should be sounds.

It's a nice attempt, but you definitely need to keep working on it. This is basically a take on the old "helecopter going through the cave" game, except it's much easier.


realllllyyyy boringggg try adding more enimies and fast game speed (e.g. wave 2 in 20 seconds)