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my sequel to MAXOTONIC, the Shooter-Horizontal Flight game. Now with better graphics, music, controls, enemies and more.
sorry to everyone who wanted upgrades, I tried my best to make them but failed, even though I am still in my beginner stage, I think this is quite good and it can be very hard at times with more than 1 mini boss/boss. Please appreciate my time and effort into this game.

If you have any bug reports please use the link in the Main Menu to send the bug.
If you want to email me for any other, it's greenpuffle92@gmail.com. :D

This is also my first time implemting the NG Flash API, so I hope it works.


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My song was used?

Well, when I saw that my music was credited elsewhere, I was rather surprised =O So I came here to see what it was used in. Interesting little game you had there, I tried it out once or twice. Was a neat little game, I will say. Pretty addictive, as stated before. And very simplistic. I say, keep up the good work, and keep improving! ^_^

GreenPuffle92 responds:

Thanks! and City Infrastructure is cool :D

Wild original game idea..

....kind of simple when you figure it out but still strangely addictive.


I didn't understand why you choose to make the mouse into the "MAX" icon. At first I thought it was suppost to be used somehow with that game, I suggest leaving people's mouses alone.

The game play itself is not bad, music not bad, art: A little basic, could have some finer details added.

GreenPuffle92 responds:

o_O How do you not understand why I wrote MAX in the in-game mouse? because the Ship's name is Max. and it isn't people's mouses, it the in-game mouse! You have no idea what's going on in this game. You Should play the normal game BEFORE the sequel.