Violet: The Platformer

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You are stuck in Violet, and all you see is a bottomless cliff. How can you get out? Everywhere you turn there are mysterious symbols, pathways, and always Violet. Explore everything and ultimately escape from this high-score platformer!

Arrow keys to move around.
Up key to jump.
Enter key to open the shop.


Did you make Star Guard or something?

Because the hero sprite is IDENTICAL to the guy you play as in Star Guard.
As is the general art style, and level design.

Must be a fan, eh?

Anyhoo, the game is pretty simplistic, and pretty much like a demo of sorts, like something you make while you learn to make a real game.

The guy moved a LITTLE too slow, and trekking back to the shop was a little bit of a drag.

Still, in general, this was not bad, even if you did rip off the art style of a much better game (unless you happen to be the same guy; then I ask "What happened?").

So yeah, keep at it.

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Short but a lot of fun!

Very retro feel, a little on the easy side but that is what gives this game it's charm.


It's a short, but epicly retro game. It really has a mystery effect while entertaining you throughout the whole game. Pretty sweet.

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Not bad. Room for improvement, though.

This wasn't too bad. I loved the music and the tone of the game. It was way too short, though. Needs more upgrades, maybe less backtracking, and the guy could stand to move a bit faster.

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Bewtiful :)

Fantastic and mysterious atmosphere, coloring, music, pixel art... WANT MOAR.

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3.44 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
2:03 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle