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Flash Rpg Game

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This is a simple but fun rpg game with quite a bit of gamplay.
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New Age Studios

My names frazer bennett wilford im 14 live in the uk and this game took about 4 hours but i think its good for 4 hours.

This is a updated version of - Flash Battle Rpg

Dont worry this game is mine - http://www.kongregate.com /games/stupid_games/flash -rpg-game
Youl see my name on page desc

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This game feels unfinished. Include more content and better graphics.

Wtf Did I Just Play?

The graphics are... Terrible. Just circles and squares, and no real animation aside from a simple tween. You can buy the same thing in the shop twice, which wastes your money big time. There are no sound effects, and the gameplay is just awful... But let me go into the gameplay more:

You can buy weapons which increase your strength and you can increase your stats. Since I'm assuming your damage is based on a multiple of your strength, increasing your strength is infinitely better than increasing your health points. The problem is you can buy weapons over and over, wasting money, and you can only use your mana for one magic attack. This means all you need to do is magic, attack, attack, magic, *attack, attack, attack, magic, repeat from asterisk. In fact, after a little while your normal attacks are stronger than the magic attack as well.

Next, some enemies give out the same amount of experience. Because of that, you should always defeat the weakest enemy that gives the most experience... Aside from that, this game is just pure click-mashing and grinding. And each time you level up it takes twice as much experience to level up again! That's unheard of! You can buy bombs which should deal lots of damage, but I found that my normal attack was actually stronger, so the bombs are a waste of money.

Overall, I found the best 'strategy' for this game is to repeatedly fight a monster weak enough for you to kill without using magic (Battle 7), so you can just mash one button, then repeat the battle over and over until you level up, at which point you dump your stats into strength and then repeat. The equipment increases exponentially, so you can just skip buying weapons until the last one is available.

I finally settled for Laser Spikes and beat the boss without magic. I kept grinding to $15,000, though, just to see the last weapon's graphic. Most of the time grinding I was tabbing the whole thing, so I had to hold down the Enter key for less than a second to win a battle. The "Epic Wep" was not as epic as I had hoped, although it was pretty strong, admittedly.

Overall... I didn't like it at all. If you don't understand why, re-read my review.


im a huge rpg fan, this wasnt very good, but it was something you put together in a short time, and for that you did ok, i can forgive the graphics, if you keep working on it im sure it will be good

your getting there...

just progress this is only a basic game mechanic im not going to be easy on you for working on it for 4 hours if you wanna make a decnt game you should spend at least a week but its definatly coming along nicely


This has so much potential. It's awesome for 4 hours work but if you made an overhead map with different battle locations then it would be even better. Get a load of art in there and maybe have different music for battles and menus. Good luck!