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Doktorstein says all there needs to be said.
@Doktorstein You win 69 Internets


I find this funny in several ways:

1. This is extremely dirty while at the same time completely innocent. Any mature content you see is entirely your own mind at work, the screen is just two numbers moving around and making squeaking noises whenever they contact each other.

2. Using the above logic I got off without any warning or punishment after I posted a ink to this video in a thread started by an admin on the notoriously chaste and intolerant GaiaOnline.com ^^

That squeaking is sexy

I just jizzzed... in my pants


just watched numbers do it kinda odd

Nasty ass, but....

good job. Even though i didn't know that 69 was a porn movie, the entire time I got the feeling that I was watching porn.