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a college project assingment showing my use of flash action script!
please do comment as i need some feedback to refereance i nmy assignment!

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Couple glitches, but good use of concepts

You did a good job of cramming lots of basic game concepts into a short flash, but there are still a couple glitches. The only really annoying one is the lava on the final level -- I just flung myself into it, racked up negative 64 lives, and once the lava passed I could cruise around the level however I wanted. Also, if your professor cares about the quality of the artwork, I'd replace those blue and white guide lines on the final level with something smoother.


not very good D:

Comment :P

Basketball level:

It would be nice if the ball didn't leave the screen, if you did so happen to muscle it well over or something. Waiting for the ball to return to your view is not very fun. At first i thought great...this game is broken now and I got to refresh the game, but to my relief it came back down.

Misspelling/grammar error:

On the "Final level instruction" page it says as follows:

(when you ready click "Lets do this", otherwise can jsut play with the basket ball)

It should read, "(When you are ready click "Lets do this", or just play with the basketball.)"

The final level was glitchy:

I randomly became stuck in the air with out apparent reason several times.

I even managed to get burned by the fire and came out with -48 lifes :P

The arrows telling you where to go was a nice touch, took me a little bit to catch onto it though.

The graphics were appalling to be honest, the character became...contorted very easy, especially with that bow, which didn't need to be there? As well umm no feet?

Overall: not complex and not to bad for someone new into the art. Would I return to this game to play it over and over? No.



Feels like you made an attempt, but you've got some SFX issues (on the basketball thing) and there's just not much to it besides some generic puzzles. I suppose it does demonstrate a rudimentary knowledge scripting, but I have to rate this low because this is not a good portal submission.

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1.75 / 5.00

May 26, 2010
7:02 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other