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Robotic Emergence

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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May 26, 2010 | 8:50 AM EDT

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Author Comments

In the future, robots rule the world. Build factories and energy plants to create masses of robots for your army. Battle against an opposing army as you crash into the enemy base for rule over their technology and the world.


Use your mouse to place factories on your land and extend your roads for careful building of your city.

Use your robots to create a powerful army to overtake the opposing forces.

Defeat a stage to unlock factories and more levels.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too hard?

Each level seemed to take too long to complete and most of the time i was stuck in a lock with the computer with neither of us able to progress even with full upgrades and use of emp...

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Had its moments but altogether too easy

It was fun for a bit, and some levels were a bit tricky until you got going, but once you did it was just a matter of waiting until you overwhelmed them. The last "endurance" level for instance. In the end every tower was fully upgraded but the enemy side had:
1 Great Pyramid, 1 Pyramid, 1 Bubble Dome, 1 Standing Dome, 1 Spider Factory, 1 Dark Hut, and 1 Stack Plant

against what I had:
5 Tank Factories, 4 Radio Towers, 2 Great Pyramids, 3 Green Smoke Plants, 1 Blue Smoke Plant, 1 Dark Hut, 1 Pyramid, 1 Bubble Dome, and 1 Spider Factory

I actaully went off and had dinner leaving this game going only to come back and see that I still hadn't taken even 1 damage. Not exactly much of an endurance challenge when there is no increase in difficulty after a point.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

End game?

im sitting here at the endurance level i have at least one of every factory built all my guys do is run in kill the opposing robots line of def really fast and run into an indestructible wall while keeping the enemy behind the wall, then they just EMP and my guys push again. the endurance level had no really needed strategy and im deciding if i should leave it going and take a nap. the enemy cant push back at all they have 7 factories to my 18 factories. they have no chance at any type of win. I really think you should increase how hard the endurance level is. other than that i agree with everyone else on the weather/emp use

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

So many issues...

I'm just gunna' cut straight to the improvements:

1) Make the EMP's price double each time you use it, that way, the enemy can't just keep bashing the EMP button in hopes of making the already long level even looooooooooonger!

2) It rains far too much.

3) Just a nitpic, but I think the inclusion of Egyptian Robots was just silly. It looks silly when I have a Pyramid built right next to my high-tech factory, so I refrain from building them all together.

^^^ Do the above, and you've got atleast 9/10 material my friend. 6/10 3/5.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Some Assembly Required

The game is conceptually well thought out, but it runs into problems with
setting up towers: on the third level, there isn't a single place you can put a robot
factory no matter where you place it. That and the game is way too easy. You can
beat most level with just three towers.