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Mole vs. Lava

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We're big fans of Icy Tower, and always felt it would be really cool if it had more platform types and powerups added to the mix. It starts out simple, but gets really intense after you unlock double or nothing platforms and all powerups. Also includes over 20 in-game achievements for your gaming pleasure :)

How scoring works: Every platform you jump over adds 10 points to your total combo score, which is then multiplied by your multiplier and double or nothing sequences completed (if you have those platforms unlocked). Everything is then multiplied further by a height multiplier (which grows the higher you climb) and style multiplier.
Double or nothing platforms: After unlocking them in the store, landing on one initiates a 10 seconds countdown in which you have to sustain your combo. If you succeed, your combo is doubled. If the combo breaks during the countdown, you lose it all.
Super mole platforms: Give you faster speed/acceleration and lava protection for a short period of time.
Golden platforms: landing on them adds a bonus to your combo score, which is then multiplied as well.
MJ suit: gives you a style multiplier that further multiplies your entire jump score. Active for a single jump.

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man i like this ame so verymuch

that i know if i played i like the jumping moere then upgrades and i didnt know that you can upgrade and was very rich on the begin :)



pretty well but...

its an icy tower clone, we all see that.

the theme is alright and i liked the mole and the buying stuffs, thats better than the original.
And i also liked the graphics

BUT the sound is annoying und repetetive, the leveldesign is not very good cause its too linear and theres no Eye candy.
But in fact it was also slow on my maschine, but that could be my fault so i dont count that in my rating.

and the effects from the mole are stolen from worms and should sound like the original, but that doesnt work really good.

overall i give u a 7/10 and a 4/5 cause i still liked it.
Work on it and it can be a favourite of many people.

good game

i thought the game was well though out and plays well but the controils are a little bit jumpy it overcorrects itself a bit aswell and the arrow keys used to control the mole afairly sensitive aswell but other then that it was very enjoyable.


It's an OK game but i would go for something different