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ASV Dress-up #1

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Author Comments

This is a little dress-up game I threw together in a few days. If you like it, I can create additional content later, but I'm under some time constraints at the moment.

Sorry, but there's no nudity. It's against Mochi's Terms of Service, so if you want it changed, you'll have to talk to them.

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Needs more items and stuff.

So i dont wish to be Negitive at all with this one, because it was actually pretty Groovy, and with some more enhancements with some moderation it is capable of being even more with some more quality and detail it can be even better, So as i do start this off, i will say that i have enjoyed this and hope the rest is just as good and even future projects. Now this one was pretty interesting there was not much to go on though, it was interesting though and the drawing was notbad and there were a few items, but not a whole lot maybe you can add more items and props, also remove the whole button thing and use a drag and drop idea it seems to create more creative, an idea to think about. I found this to be a pretty decent flash even found it Dazzling at times, It did however have some ups and downs but nothing that couldnt be improved with some fixes here and there, even suggested a few ideas above, besides that it was pretty good, hope to see more. There was some stuff that could be better but for the mostpart i liked it and im pretty sure others will too.

This was a pretty Clever and good flash if you ask me, It was Expressed well and presented well, but it could be better with a few suggestions and ideas, But keep at it and always improve on your ideas so hope some of these may help to make your idea much better. I have Recommended a few ideas to help and improve on your flash work here, just needs to be Pollished a lil more. Adding more items and more of a Drag n Drop style, so with a few extras this could be much better.

Its okay

You might want to add some BG music, just to unbore us some. And yeah, Dress-up games don't necessarly need to be full fron nudity.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Huh, I guess I could. I always mute the background on dress-ups myself.