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Spirit Get

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Very easy to play and non tiring on hand/wrist. Fun and addicting!

Game Instructions:
Use mouse to guide demon head. Go after purple spirits, blue ones are deadly Left click causes demon head to become invisible to all spirits, blue ones can't get you, but purple ones are not available to feed on while invisible. You must wait for power up (green line) to appear before using again.
Game gets harder as you go along. Have Fun!

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One complaint:

The blue and purple spirits are really hard to distinguish. Maybe it's just me and my color blindness, but it still detracts from the fun.

a good game.

definitely really basic, but that kinda adds to it.
when you die theres a sound that dings that doesnt really fit and its delayed.
the ethereal mode is a good idea but the timer on it is strange. a second click should bring you back to tangibility. maybe a a bar to show its consumption.
good music, very calming.

It is easy..

but boring. ..
you dont expect us to play this for long, do you?
should add some story after collectin 'x' souls.
the graphics nice ^^

Simple, yet fun.

The Good:
+Great Presentation! I really like the style.
+Very relaxing timewaster

The Bad:
-None that I can see. Simplicity at it's finest.

Verdict: 3/5