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Traverse is an amazingly polished puzzle game that will truly put your mind to the test. The game consists of many mechanics you've seen before, but taken to an all new level with superb level design. Non-linear gameplay allows you to choose which levels you would like to play. If a level is too hard, pick a different route. There's a ton of challenge here, hopefully some of you have what it takes to complete every level.


Navigate Menus - Mouse
Movement - Arrow Keys, WASD
Esc - Exit Stage
R - Restart Stage
M - Mute Audio

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everything was great, especially how you made the unlocking of levels
stages 1,2,3,etc should still chronologically increase in difficulty though
graphically it gets rather hard to keep track of the ship sometimes, but i suppose it is a bit more fun to watch

Contrary to what others said:

You can never have enough games of this type.

Similar, yet slightly different from other variants I had a chance to play. I liked the idea that you had to time some of your moves (due to vanishing blocks). It certainly made the gameplay more interesting, if a bit harder. You could no longer simply plan backwards to solve every level.

Music, so crucial for games like this, was chosen well.

Exceptionally frustrating

I have never liked this kind of game, and the polish is not sleek enough to get a higher score. It's clever, I guess, but this game has been done several times in the past and is still frustrating. Your difficulty curve comes in an erratic swoop from mind-numbingly simple to blood-shittingly impossible.

I'll give you a 7 for the polish and effort. The actual product is merely okay and does not get you any points. This corresponds to a 4/5.

Fun and addictive game!

This game is so fun to play simply because it is among the most creative puzzle games I have played in this genre. What is also great is that you can go to different levels if you do not like one thing. It is a great job for only your second game submitted here to Newgrounds. The music is good, and I love to just see the ship fly off on its own when hitting the reflecting things. The author's comments describe it wonderfully. It is also addictive because there are just so many different ways to advance.

Yay! You used my song!

This game is super fun and kept me occupied for a long time! Thanks for using my song "Macrocosm" in it!

(Know what's really strange? Someone else used this song for their game, and the mechanics of their game are similar to this one. Only difference is that this game is far more advanced and captivating!)

Keep making more!

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

May 23, 2010
12:34 AM EDT