Pit Bug

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Use the mouse to aim and set the jump strength, then click to jump. The rising water from below will kill you but the water drops just drag you down. Try to get out as fast as possible!

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Nice game!

Excellent game, very fun, very good concept.

it's ok

but seen it all before and it doesn't add enough to make me want to play beyond the initial minute.


6/10 because some of the physics make no sense like i could fall through half the webs randomly and some bad glitches liek the infinate ate raindrop loop

First Rating

The advert didn't move >:(

Original concept, fun time-waster

Interesting concept you came up with here: an insect that must escape a pit/well before precipitation fills it and drowns him. Very original.

Controlling the bug was very intuitive and simple but also requiring some practice and skill. Excellent job there.

I also like how nothing in the level was truly "lethal" to you (other than taking to long to ascend), otherwise I think the game would have been just frustrating at times. Even the rate at which the water level raises allows you plenty of time to make lots of mistakes. Some might see this as a flaw, but, for beginners, I find it perfect. An easy fix would be to simply implement difficulty setting options.

One other suggestion: the ability to slightly fine tune your trajectory mid-jump using the bug's wings; for example, steering him in a direction laterally for longer jumps, slowing his fall and acting as a "brake" to compensate for over shooting a platform, or giving him a slight vertical boost (sort of like a double jump). I think this would add another layer to the gameplay and make things more interesting.

Finally, I would just like to commend you on the great ambient noises and sound effects that you used. Awesome work. 7/10

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3.42 / 5.00

May 22, 2010
12:34 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other