Wrath of the Pixie Elf

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Pixie Elf with anger management issues eats faeries to try and get in to space.

He hates faeries and loves to eat them - every time you eat a faerie you get a boost up in to the air. Use the mouse button to unleash your wrath and use up some stolen faerie dust!

The Pixie Elf follows your mouse. Keep eating faeries and going up and up - fall off the bottom of the screen and it's game over.

Left click to use Wrath for an extra boost and also attack the various crazy creatures looking to impede you progress.

Gorgeous looking game, features a lovely parallax pixie village view, sun glare, suicidal space cows, squirrel storm, lots of bonus pick ups such as jet packs, alien abduction, floating cloud sheeps and one angry pixie elf.

This game is completely bonkers!

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decent, unoriginal, tolerable, but just barely.

it's a decent game, plays fairly well also, you lost points for no arrow keys support though, also lack of originality (seen tons of these here and at iphone appstore lately, they're almost all identical, or nearly too) didn't help, but you had absolutely no ads at all that i could tell so that's good.

it's a time waster, not meant to be played for more than a minute or two at most so i'm not guessing i'll get the urge to play it ever again, just mindless and easy enough to kill a few minutes.

nice to see some variety in the things you can pickup/eat, but it really doesn't go any farther than other games of this type i've seen.

finally, i really can't see calling something like this "gorgeous" and meaning it, maybe back in the days of 8 bit sprite based graphics sure, but today? not even close and the drawings used for backgrounds seem a bit lackluster, don't get me wrong, it's not ugly, but surely not impressively good looking either.

5/10 Stars
3/5 Vote

Sugar-plum fairy.

The 7 is only for Ciaikovskij in the menu screen...


I have no idea why people are dissin' this game. It's well made, graphics are pretty good, controls are very smooth and easy to learn, game itself is generally fun..
Not my cup of tea, but definitely one of the best "climbing" games I've seen in a while! Keep up the good work and don't let bad reviews keep ya down :)

I was wondering, is there an end to the game - or does it go on indefinitely?

no stars

Pixie Elf is good, but not for me - no stars

under-siege responds:

Personally I think if you think it's good you should rate it accordingly and not just give it a zero because it's "not for you".


It's simple, but I enjoyed it, but it won't keep you busy for more than a few minutes...

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3.77 / 5.00

May 22, 2010
6:02 AM EDT
Skill - Other