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Project Flame [demo2]

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Author Comments

Sorry people, I am sad to announce that Project Flame in its current form is cancelled :(
I am sorry for all the hype and promises I made, but it's out of hand ...
-a game of this quality is expensive and time consuming, and we cant afford that with no income.
-no one is interested to fund a free flash game that has no income other than advertises.
-there's no room to add in-game items in this game which would've covered some expenses.
-to finish it we have to work more than 5+ months full time and with no fund or income we will starve to death! as we live in one of the most expensive places on earth!

But on the bright side, we're developing a really awesome game that is free to play and has optional purchasable items, and I personally think that it's going to be a hit as it's so original and has deep gameplay plus an online mode!
also project flame will be revived later but not as a free web game, that's when we have enough money to pay our rents and feed us while working on it!
Default controls (can be customized)
Move: right and left buttons
Jump: Up
Dodge projectiles (Down)
Fire: A
Kick: S
Reload: D
Interaction/doors: E

to skip dialog press Interaction, Fire or kick.

to change quality or quit to menu: hover your mouse to the top of the screen and a menu will slide down, where you can change quality or quit to menu.

if you want to customize the controls, go to controls in main menu.
and note for elevator floor selection: it's up and down in the default layout, you will be asked for up, and down will be the crouch button which is obviously down, ps you can mix Up with the jump button in case you jump with up button.

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"Sorry people, I am sad to announce that Project Flame in its current form is cancelled :(
I am sorry for all the hype and promises I made, but it's out of hand ..."

Well, fuck. Played this demo a long time ago thought it was awesome, got board and wondered if it was finished, and... cancelled.:( And the fact that any possible revival won't be a free web game just sucks. Lately all the greatest free flash games are becoming crap games on iOS that you have to pay out the ass to get any real content for. I understand that you guys need to eat. I'd actually be happy to pay for THIS game, but it would be an awful, terrible crime to change it from what it is now, or to not keep it in the flash web game format the demo's in, or to turn it into some multiplayer crap. That would make me cry.:*( Hell, if I actually had any money at all, I'd fund the damn game myself, as long as it stays the way it is. Well, I guess I've said my peace.

One day :(

Its alright, some canceled projects can be revived when the right amount of money is available, so who knows? Maybe you can revive this project when you have enough money. Its worth it by the looks of it so far, but needs more voice acting through the game, instead of just words,

It's cancelled?!

Aww... It's cancelled? That really sucks...

It was so fun, too...

Maybe if you opened up a donation pool? =D

Good, but I hope it's better in the final release.

This game is awesome, but there are a lot of grammar issues. Aside from that, epic.

Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

May 22, 2010
3:00 AM EDT