Dinosaurs Expedition

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The full title of the game is "Dragons or Dinosaurs? Expedition" howver some of the title got caught off.

The game was designed to be a tie-in with the new documentary "Dragons or Dinosaurs?"

2 levels of digging, and lot of educational and thought-provoking information.


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I like this more like chesse but need something

Dinosaurs Expedition

no action :)

I like the idea of an educational game but...

This could be much better. It feels like it was kinda rushed actually. I have just a few friendly suggestions for you... First of all I definitely recommend trying to add some kind of music. What type of music? Well, anything that you may know of that may fit the atmosphere of the game that you are trying to set. Maybe the Jurassic Park theme or something...

Second, why not try adding some kind of animation. How about a character that moves to the spot you choose and actually digs (if there's nothing there then he could just drop his head, if he finds something he could do a dance or something). It just seems kind of boring to just click around until you find something. Maybe add a triumphant sound effect when you find something and a upsetting sound effect when you don't. That would at least draw the players attention when the game starts.

Another thing you could do. Make the terrain more expansive. Maybe make it so that the player can scroll along or go to certain parts of the Earth. Maybe you could have "levels." In one level the player could dig in a rain forest somewhere. In another level they could dig in a mountain somewhere! That would definitely draw my attention in!

Altogether I think this is definitely a unique game simply because many people shun the idea of an educational game. However, it definitely could be better. I give you 4 for originality plus 2 because I see a lot of potential in this game. Fix it up a little and I will definitely rate higher! By the way, I'm not saying this to be a jerk or anything. I mean all of this in the nicest way possible.

this is pretty fun!

funny facts! not like: the t-rex was found in blabla in the year of blabla.


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3.75 / 5.00

May 20, 2010
10:10 AM EDT
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