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Sub Hunter

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Author Comments

This is my very first Flash game! :-) As you can see it is not the best game ever, neither the idea is original (except for the addition of the fish), neither it has the best graphics or sound, ... and, as weird as it might sound for the experts, I actually implemented it first in JavaScript and then decided to port it to Flash so the animation is a bit dodgy but it has this retro feeling that I quite like for it.

So, you might be thinking: why? And why are you saying all that? Well, this game's grandfather has a very special place in my heart because it is my very first memory I have of a computer program! Yes, my first recollection of a computer is a black and green screen with an extremely dodgy submarine hunting ship made with ASCII characters trying to sink equally dodgy looking submarines.

And from that moment on my fate was sealed and I followed the path of becoming a computer engineer. I worked for multinationals, start-ups, some were doing bad ... some others even worst. I ended up living abroad for ten years and developed a taste for curry and ale. I had to learn quite a few languages and also how to dance salsa and samba ... and plenty of other things that I better don't put on the Internet happened during this time as well ... and who knows what else is coming out there to get me.

Butterfly effect 100% So yes, you guessed right: I want to ruin someone else's life now! Like that Japanese scary movie: The Ring! :-P Just joking! :-D


Reminds me of Atari's Air Sea Battle. (:

- Here's my main issue of the whole game: I found it quite difficult to actually move enemy projectiles with my fish.

- I would have preferred the controls where I could use W to increase speed, and S to slow down (from the WASD scheme). When neither key is used, your ship would return to normal speed.

- The graphics are fine for a first game. Just get rid of those gradients in your next game, should you decide to do vector art again. :-)

- I like the idea that the fish can move projectiles without setting them off, killing itself, lol.

- It might be interesting to play with the idea of the fish causing a little mischief. Maybe, if the fish touches an enemy projectile, it could move it so that it would hit another enemy sub, and blow that one up, lol! But then, you'd have to get your fish out of the way, so he isn't blown up in the process. (:

- On some levels, perhaps make your ship come from the opposite side (left to right).

- Maybe add some power-ups for your fish. One could increase speed. Another one could make the fish a little bigger. This power-up could also make it easier to move enemy projectiles around, justifying how difficult it currently is to divert them.

- Consider adding a few different explosion sounds (similar of course), so the game won't sound so monotonous.

- When I use a nuke, and takes effect, the explosion sound plays sound over itself a bunch of times (I'm guessing once for each enemy ship). You should probably just make a unique sound play only once for this effect.

- This on is regarding the help screen. When I bring it up during play, I was unable to dismiss it. Neither the icon, nor the F1 key worked. So, I had to keep restarting the Flash.

- On the "Login to access your MochiCoins wallet" window, when I click the Cancel button, it doesn't do anything.

- Add some bubbles! Everyone likes bubbles! :-D
- Add sound effects for when power-ups appear and when you collect them.
- Add a floating UI that briefly shows how many points you got for blowing up each ship.
- When the level ends, don't abruptly end it. Perhaps add a little beep or something during the last ten seconds (beeps once each second), then when the level ends, add a delay, and add some message. It looks more presentable and user-friendly.

Nice game.

- Ziro out.

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framiq responds:

Thanks a lot for all the feedback! :-) I'll definitely have all that in mind and do a few updates ... and probably I'll even do a version 2 for the changes regarding the game play and fish itself.

By the way, I have just sorted out that bug (yes, my fault) with the help screen: it didn't occur to me that people would hit F1 again to dismiss it and it was putting the game into a bit of a help loop, ups! :-( Now you can dismiss the screen with F1, Esc or the button.
I have also increased a bit the area of influence of the fish when moving torpedoes as people were finding it a bit too difficult.

not too shabby for a first one

I liked it, it would have been much better if there were controls though

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framiq responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll probably be doing a second version of the game in the future with all the improvements suggested by people.

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Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

May 20, 2010
10:03 AM EDT
Action - Other