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Tetris Thrice: With Mouse

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Author Comments

- Play Tetris with your mouse.
- Better graphic at startup.


The game is same as the classic Tetris, but in this one, you play with 3 grids instead of one. Before your block reach the red line, you can select the grid you want to put the block in.

You can do combos and keep any next block for later use.

Left, right and down arrows or [A] [S] [D] > Move your block left, right or down faster.
Up arrow or [W] > switch the keeped block with the next one.
Numpad 0 or space } flip the block.
Enter > Pause the game and give access to sound options.
[Tetris Thrice only]: Numpad 1, 2 and 3 or [Q] [E] > Change grid.

In options: you can choice from 3 musics, enable or disable sounds or music.
You can choice wich level you want to start, from level 1 to level 10.
You can choice to play with your mouse or not.
In the 3 grids mode, you can select the height of the red line.

Playing with the mouse is pretty easy:
- Move the mouse around the flashing square to move your block.
- Left click to rotate your block.
- You can switch the keeped block by moving your mouse under the green line.
- In Tetris Thrice mode, you can change grid by moving your mouse on the desired grid if your block has not reached the red line.
- You can play with both (keyboard and the mouse) if you want.

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Having fun with tetris

Well notbad I do think much more color could be added into the interface of the backround element of the game, This was a fun game and tetris is always something fun here you have some nice ideas when it comes to this you even added some new elements about it some nice details here im sure some added stuff would make this better but I have to say this was a fun tetris game.

I do think much more color could be added into the interface of the backround element of the game



Might be better with more space.

Also, at level 12+ there isn't much time to change lane


but very hard with a mouse.
To improve maybe make it more visually appealing and some more options for music?

Mouse game is cool!!

It's the first time that I play Tetris with a mouse and I find it pretty cool.
I love this game!