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Playing a DotBox Game is easy. You win by having the most Dot Boxes. Use skill and strategy to beat your computer! Simply connect the dot's and make Dot Boxes. The player with the most Dot Boxes wins.

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Awful. Just awful.

It's a very simple concept, but if you're going to make hte computer player use LOGIC to play, thes no point in a human playing against it, as the only way the human could win is through pure luck. The computer uses the BEST possible move available, forces you to take the least amount of squares, and makes you open up a train of squares for him, as you can't PASS on your turn. When the board gets full, you'll see what I mean. I played five times, and the computer did the same thing every time.

To make this game FUN, which should be your goal, to be honest, you should make the computer player make HUMAN ERRORS. That's what creates a challenge.

I got very frustrated with the way the computer was playing. I'm not a bad loser at all. I learn from when I lose, but the computer just uses binary logic. "Is that the best move available? Yes / No. If yes, TAKE IT." It leaves the player feeling helpless, and unable to win, and therefore it is not fun. Please reprogram the computer's AI, and I'll be sure to pass your game around to my friends, and give you the vote you're capable of getting.

The graphics were simple, but effective. Very well laid out, functional, and easy to pick up. It's just the computer's AI that ruins it for me.

What is this game?

I never played this game as a kid so obviously I am not at all familiar with it. The best thing about this was probably how fun it was to just watch the boxes make themselves up. Granted, I assume that is a bad thing because of those red "x"s I kept seeing. It was good fun for you to make a tribute to an old fashioned game. The biggest weakness, however, was easily the fact that there was no sound at all. I would have liked it if you had just searched for some music online and inserted it in.

"It knows everything!"

I really have missed this game. I have great memories of playing it in jhs and it's great to see it in flash. But the computer is way better than any human I've played against, which is problematic. It was too challenging, which made me too frustrated to even want to finish playing. I'm not sure how you would rectify this error, but it's an issue that really needs to be addressed. Maybe making it a 2-player game, or adding mistakes to the computer's game-play.

I missed this game... so much...

Hah... I missed this game... I missed it... I missed it! but you just happened to make it so hard... IT WAS WORTH MY TIME!!!

no no no

to flipen hard.....

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2.31 / 5.00

May 19, 2010
7:03 AM EDT
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