Attack of the monsters 2

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This is the second ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS mini game, where you use your special equipment to shoot the differences between 2 animated images and save the world from the monsters! Good luck!

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"Pretty enjoyable..."

I like matching games like this - and the personal style you've added is enjoyable. While I usually praise games for their simplicity, I feel this game has too much of it. There was a some challenge in noticing the differences, but I feel it needed something more. By the time one "defeats" the final boss, I don't know if I felt any real award or punishment in my right / wrong guesses. There was no real struggle and not much too it. I feel like if you continue to add your personal styles to the game you can make it something new, different and a lot more interesting. I'm sorry I can't put more in here that would be helpful.

blowtoons responds:

thanks eye-twister! Good review!

I would Have to agree

Tab and Rapid Click are tempting not to use lol May wanna try to do something about that , limited clicks would be nice opposed to a click counter. Other than that though it was pretty solid.

I did like the music , it did get old quite fast though . I enjoyed the way the monsters looked and i liked that they moved a little bit giving a bit more life to the game opposed to just pictures.

Overall you'll get a 9 i enjoyed this game alot
Keep Up the good work

blowtoons responds:

thanks Avidova! Good point! Will try to make it better in the future!


1. no anti tab protection- if i press the tab i can find all the differences without playing the game.

2.no rapid click protection- all you need to do is paint the picture clicking and you eventually hit the differences.

give the player only a certain amount of ammunition,
and a 60 sec cound down per stage

blowtoons responds:

Thanx a lot Engr-Erizu! Your comments were very helpful!