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Tetris Thrice 2

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Nest feature:
- Able to play the game with the mouse and some more!!
Playing Tetris with the mouse is pretty easy: you will see in my next version!! I know it because I already made this feature. Playing Tetris with a mouse is very cool. I need to update some more things before submetting the next version.

- You can see the shadow of your blocks at the bottom. (Where your block will freeze in the grid.)
- In the 3 grids mode, you can select the height of the red line. (Having more time to select a grid or more spaces for your blocks in the grid.)
- Better control for rotating your block.


The game is same as the classic Tetris, but in this one, you play with 3 grids instead of one. Before your block reach the red line, you can select the grid you want to put the block in.

You can do combos and keep any next block for later use.

Left, right and down arrows or [A] [S] [D] > Move your block left, right or down faster.
Up arrow or [W] > switch the keeped block with the next one.
Numpad 0 or space } flip the block.
Enter > Pause the game and give access to sound options.
[Tetris Thrice only]: Numpad 1, 2 and 3 or [Q] [E] > Change grid.

In options: you can choice from 3 musics, enable or disable sounds or music.
You can choice wich level you want to start, from level 1 to level 10.
In the 3 grids mode, you can select the height of the red line.

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Fantastic Tetris variant!

The Good:
+Awesome Tetris game with cool and original ideas/game mechanics.
+The ability to play Thrice or Original Tetris is a great option.
+I liked the option to set a level and music, as well as pausing the game.

The Bad:
-Really dull background/graphics.
-Some music tracks were a bit annoying.
-A bit hard to see some blocks after they were cleared.

*Give the player an option or ability to break multiple grids of blocks.
*Improve break chains and block holding.
*Somewhat larger window of time to allow grid switching.

A very cool twist on an old favorite, Tetris Thrice definitely brings some originality to the table and makes Tetris a treat again. Probably the best Tetris variant i've seen on the Portal, I will definitely be playing this game again soon.

[3/5] + Favorited



Now this was awesome I really enjoyed this one. You need to make. Great flash.


Really awesome game. Here I really liked this. Keep up the good work


Good job! I like the game, but you need a better selection of music. Just saying haha. I like the feature of how you can look at the bottom and see a fade of the piece before you put it down. 10/10 good game


Wow, my review really made all the difference...0_0 I guess I can't really complain, because all the issues I adressed were fixed! Good job, and I hope to see more from you in the future.