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This fun little gadget scans the area around your computer for homosexuals.

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true though

i moved and it still was in that same derection

Oh how charming he is indicating I am a homosexual. *Sips tea* Isn't that just hilarious Johnathan. Oh what a jolly good joke. *chuckles*

(surprisingly accurate though gotta hand it to you lol)

Funny gag.

I was expecting a bit more from this "game" than a sonar-type thing looping endlessly. Apparently there is some sort of gay presence around the computer, although I can't see them anywhere nearby. I looked around the room to check if they were hiding in a closet or something, but the radar still indicated that the individual in question was somewhere in front of the computer. This leads me to believe the "gaydar" is broken, or that the detection is off. If it was intended to make the user of this gadget suspect they are the target of this game, then it works very well as a gag game to send around to your friends for a laugh.

I would suggest adding some other sound effect when the sonar blips and adding a bit more interactivity to this "game". Some music that is in good taste would also be a nice touch for this Flash, though I don't think it to be necessary. As a Flash, this is very plain and boring, has no redeemable features, and could use some improvement.

It's good to know the CC still has a sense of humor, after all these embittered years.



good, yet i notice'd

..the only gay man in the room is in the keyboard.
are you TRYING T- ur tellin'g me my keybord is gay?
oh my....

anyways, i think this great invention is worth of 5's
u get a cool point 5/5