Ignition Project Jetpack

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programming: emanuel feronato, off of his flash tutorial website.

this game was made for my job's website but I wanted to share it to get some feedback.

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Needs significant improvement.

Everyday, I see more and more people submitting movies and games that are related to their work or study. Not that I oppose the sharing of their creativity, it's just that sometimes that creativity is hindered by the objective or purpose their employer or instructor hath placed upon them. This game doesn't appear to be following that criteria, which makes it all the worse considering that it is a pretty lousy game as well. It has a few noticeable bugs and weird hit detection, coupled with stupid gravity and physics, as well as unimpressive graphics and sound. The video sequences were pretty cool I suppose, but they lagged a bit too much when they played - possibly as a result of being loaded off the TiP site.

As mentioned, the game needs a lot of work in order to make it better and more enjoyable to play. One of my suggestions would be to work on the graphics a bit - it looks like you were going for a certain style here, but that was largely overlooked because of how dull and ugly everything was drawn. Another thing I would suggest is that the sound needs some work - I'm saying adding sound effects and including a better loop of music would definitely help gain favorable scores. Also, please fix the weird hit detection - sometimes you don't know when you're going to be reset after hitting a building or the edge of the screen, so please try to include that information somewhere.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of this Flash was that the main character was disproportionally-sized in relation to the buildings. Perhaps he was a giant or really, really tall? I also liked how the power cells clipped behind scenery and how the timer didn't work on the second mission, but not really. Please work on it some more, and you should do fine.




sorry, rly quite lame, except for the video sequences :P

This needs more work

The controls are very dull, the music is a little annoying and unpleasurable.
Every time i approached a cell i had catch it with the jetpack.
the clip at the end of the first level wasn't usefull at all because the game starts very fast after the end of the clip catching you unprepared which leads to an iminent death.
I suggest you revize your art and animation skills and try to find some better songs

Missing a basic design requirement.

And that would be a reward, what do I get out of playing this game? There is no difficulty and there seesm to be no reward for collecting power cells.
Additionally, if you are to lose a life by coming into contact with the edge of the map then there should be some indicator of this, such as a building to collide with. As well as the buildings that are there lack collision of their own.

Credits & Info

1.25 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
12:21 PM EDT
Action - Other