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Backyard Sports

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Baseball season is back! Check out the all-new Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers.

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Just alot of pure fun and plenty of action!! :-)



A good advergame? Believe it!

Well now, this is certainly unexpected: a game that advertises another game that is actually decent! I usually don't like such games, as they tend to push the product in your face when you're trying to get through the game. This Flash doesn't do it as often and actually provides the player some entertainment that is beyond simple fetch-quests or merch-collecting platformers. I myself have never played a BYS game as they're not my kind of thing, but this Flash seems to be a good representation of them.

The learning curve isn't too bad, it's more or less about timing and the angle at which you hit the ball with. Sometimes a ball will go through the character models though, which I thought was unusual. Another thing that I think should be considered is to add some more sound effects or music, as the game felt a bit rough with it absent.

Still, it's okay for what it is, but I am not going to rush out and get the product that this mini-game is based on.




Even though it's a reskinning of that other baseball game it's still better than the new Backyard Baseball games (the old ones are good though.)

Nice and simple

A nice casual batting game. Just enough challenges to keep things interesting.