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Cross the street

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Author Comments

This is our first submission to Newgrounds, and we intend to do a lot more later.
I hope you all enjoy it.

-Description of the game-
The city traffic got violent, and you have to cross some streets to get back home, but dont expect it to be an easy task!

-Ten levels of pure action
-Lots of powerups(good ones and bad ones)
-Death cutscenes
-Boss fight!
-Password system
-Secret Ending
-And more!

The loading doesnt seen to work properly here, it only loads after the game has loaded about 70%, before that it only shows an ugly blank screen, if anyone here knows the cause or the fix, it would be much appreciated.

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this game was kinda hard leavels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 but 9 was so hard i so need help.

oh fuck!

must be a century b4 u deafeat the big foot...

AnimationsPlay responds:

I dont get it, you played the entire game to the boss, and only because you're incredibly bad at remembering patterns you rate this game a 0?

Couple things

there were a couple of instances where I was standing to the right between a couple of cars remaining untouched, then I started to walk up and I died. Maybe try to make the cars a little more randomly generated instead of a pattern? anybody that watches it enough will get through the levels first or second try. I enjoyed the Boss battle aspect of the game I havent seen that done before. All in all a good first game. Now Start Polishing up the graphics and keep em comin, looking forward to em.

AnimationsPlay responds:

We opted to use pattern-moved cars to make it an easier gameplay, as random can sometimes be broken and hard.
Thanks for the review!

Takes me back :D

Not bad for you first submission and it's an actualy working game :D it certainly helped kill some time.

Well on to the review. As mentioned in another review the difficulty ramps up a bit after a few levels making it though even after learning the pattern of the vehicles. The password system you use is a bit buggy since I managed to skip levels 7,8 and 9 by refreshing the page inputting the password for the level and finishing level 1 it then gave me the password to the next level which was 8 and then 9. Instead of using the password system which hardly anybody memorizes, it would be better to have levels unlocked in a level select screen.

AnimationsPlay responds:

We have choosed to use a password system because initially we though people would want to replay some levels(specially the boss one) on somewhere else.
But yes it was our first attempt at it, maybe next time we will do the level selection screen and an improved password system at the same time.
Thanks for the review!

The music used

For anyone who wants to know the tracks used in it:

The Fast The Furious Soundtrack - Lock it Down
Tekken 5 OST Moonlit Wilderness
Yearnings of the Wind


It's definitely a good start for a game but I thought the gameplay difficulty ramped up a bit too fast. The first 3 levels were simple but then on the 4th the cars were going like lightspeed. I was only able to get halfway across the map so I didn't play any further.

AnimationsPlay responds:

Thats why we added powerups, with lucky you could get a star and make short work of any car there.
But thanks for the review!