Ether Of Magic Cards

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Hi Guys AdminAnt here from badgegames.com

Ether of magic cards is a new card game where you can build up your deck and fight against other AI wizards. 3 Different classes to chose from.

Attack Wizard
Curse Wizard
Defend Wizard

Mastering your magician you must save your homeland from the army of artificially created wizards and destroy its leader
-Beautiful graphic
-Various tactical choices
-20 missions. 42 magic cards. 6 backgrounds. 3 hero classes

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So, I never lost once until the last guy and then he beats me 10 times straight, every single time using 2 or MORE 'God's Wrath' on me. One battle he actually used that card 3 times in a ROW... Either lower that card strength or friggen write some code limiting it's appearance. Dying 10 times in a row from ONE card is just stupid, especially since the only way the player can win is to sloooooowly build up enough power to kill the boss.

Other than that is was a fun game. Gave me more hope that I could code a card game as someday soon as well.

ugh this game is very repitive and boring. maybe if there was a better story and a wider variety of graphics it would be a good game. nut seriously i forgot what i was doing in the first 3 minutes and couldn't play longer than 10 minutes without falling asleep.

good but

a good idea, but low variety of cards, its very easy and short

Random, repetitive. Boring.

Its just a grinding game, where random chance decides if you win or not.

Roll a dice, and -Maybe- you wont get crushed by the ennemy.

We can make our own decks.. nice, but last card (as said in a previous entry) doesnt seem to appear.. ever.

This game is boring because of the randomness of it all. There is nearly no player skill involved at all.

The points you get are for graphic, interface and all the programming. They were nice. But the -game- isnt fun at all.

pretty good, but...

It got very repetitive, fast. Now, it's not that bad of a game, but I was expecting a little bit more in a card-based game. Now, this would make a great game for beginners and younger kids, just looking to get a sample of it. It's pretty solid, but as many others have said, it needs more status cards and the such. Also, weaken the curse card by one point for attack and armor, it's just too strong, cutting them down that much. Gods wrath should also be cut down a little, perhaps by 5 points, to keep it from being too overpowering. Also, there were a few bugs in the game, like sometimes, I'd start a battle, only to have to retreat, because it's given me one less card, and no buttons giving any way to battle, BUT by retreating, and starting the battle over again.
Personally, I liked this game, the graphics were decent, the game system, while it has a few bugs, is pretty well done. It just needs to be polished, and it will make a great younger kids game.

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3.68 / 5.00

May 17, 2010
4:09 PM EDT
Adventure - Other
  • Daily Feature May 18, 2010