Serial Killer of Sawmill

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Author Comments

This is the new version of the sequel to the Serial Killer of Sawmill.
With an all new 'step back' button that can take you back to the previous screen (once, it won't undo every step you made so do memorize the areas), many cosmetic changes and a few new narration comments, I believe that this game has seriously been improved enough for the resubmitting of this project.
Note that the atmosphere works best if you install the Resident Evil font;
http://www.dafont.com/res ident-evil.font
But you don't have to.

So! This is the project that took me dozens of hours to make. Please be kind in your reviews; if you dislike it, don't throw zeros at me along with hateful comments; rate according to the actual quality, and if you hate it, be sure to explain in detail what I could do to make you like it. Thank you very much (note that I really wanted more music and stuff in there, but I'm right ON THE MAXIMUM FILESIZE of Newgrounds... so please don't judge me badly for it).

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Very nice plot, although sometimes it's hard to figure out the clues.
But the game is still easy, and fine, 4,5 stars.

i'll help you with resident evil


You could make that Heavy can actually use clues in game..
Other then that, its 10/10 and 5/5 from me ^^

You made another!

I can see you put a lot of effort into this, the step back button was a great idea. After finding the evidence, I actually enjoyed the "Trial by Heavy" part, and I certainly wasn't expecting something like it.

Overall, the whole thing flowed really nicely, there was more thought put into this than many other submissions + TF2 theme = Win

I took a mark off though for little things, such as in text boxes, the letters g and y have their "tails" cut off, and the items box was rather large. Sawmill is also a bit confusing to navigate with arrows, but I think you did the best you could.
Keep making more, they are getting better and better :D

Mariofan9 responds:

Heh, thanks a lot for your review.
Did you download the Resident Evil font as adviced in the description?

As for the item box, it was large to conceal the arrows that pointed out the enemy's briefcase.

Anyway, thanks, but I had kind of set a goal for this project to mean something to me. 3,50/5, considering all the effort. I haven't really made that, so maybe it's time to put the TF2 point & click series to rest.

Good game :)

I enjoyed the music, It really gave the right feeling to the game. I agree that you could click an arrow and end up.... somewhere where you shouldn't on sawmill. Also, the map idea is good. I would go in circles clicking on the arrows ending up where I shouldnt.

In all I liked the game and keep up the good work.

I might suggest checking out some of the map websites out there that may have an overview of what the TF2 maps look like. You may try fpsbananna as they have maps you could probably work in. From what I read you dont actually have the game (may be wrong) but in light of that you did really good :) Good luck!

Mariofan9 responds:

Thank you.

Actually, I do have TF2 and have played it for many hours. I'm quite aware of what Sawmill looks like, and believable I have made no errors in where everything redirects.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

May 16, 2010
3:34 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click