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Timing! Demo

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Ok guys this is an idea i had yesterday and spent an hour or so on it. Tell me if i should continue!

ty in advance :]

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i hate this

becase is just the demo

Good idea for a game mechanic.

I like the basic idea behind this game. I wouldn't tamper with the core mechanics much, but the one thing I would definitely change is how after you beat a level, the next level begins right away without any sort of warning. I think that before a level starts, the player should have to push a button to signal the game that he's ready after seeing the obstacles and planning out what he needs to do. Maybe you could make the spacebar the trigger to begin the level?

Never mind this suggestion if forcing players to react quickly at the beginning of a level is part of your goal, but I would still suggest moving the first obstacle down the track to give a bit more time to react.

In addition to my last suggestion, I think the game would be easier to use if each of the colored obstacles were assigned to a key for it to be triggered rather than having to push a virtual button. For instance; A could be red, D could be blue, J could be yellow, you know what I mean. Just make sure that the keys are spread out enough so that the players hands don't get uncomfortable when playing. If you use this idea along with using the space bar to start levels, the mouse won't even be needed to play except for choosing levels and changing options in the menus. This will make the game much more fluid and enjoyable.(in my humble opinion)

Also, if you want this game to succeed, you may need to make it more graphically interesting. Helping a bland ball proceed down a track isn't as fun to do as assisting a ball of energy in reaching a machine to power it up, or delivering a package of food to a monster in a dungeon that will go berserk if he doesn't get his dinner in time.

And finally, there's no sound. I'm sure you're aware of that. I'm just saying. This game needs some music and sound effects.

Good luck.(not that you need it) I look forward to the final version. Truly.

sknight responds:

Wow, thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate the points you brought up. First off, yes im planning on making it so you can start the next level at your leisure but never got around to it (mind you this was made in like an hour). Also i was toying with the notion of assigning keys to the buttons (as well as Start) to make it a bit easier. Ty so much for your comment, helps a lot :]

Go for it.

The game looks like a good idea. I bet if you put in some real work, it'd be well worth it. :D

Great game!

This game was awesome. Loved the idea.

One thing I noticed though, was that I was able to skip through the frames using right arrow key. I assume this was used while developing, it makes play testing easier. However, features like that should be taken out in public releases, even Beta/Demo versions.

The fact that you spent an hour on this, is amazing, as must programmers spend a lot longer on something like this. Yoyu should, indeed continue this project. It's awesome!

sknight responds:

Ty for your feedback! Yes i left that in there for testing purposes but figured since it's just a demo, screw it lol :]

Really nice

I liked this and hope you continue, otherwise i'll be sad :(

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4.18 / 5.00

May 15, 2010
2:30 PM EDT