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Trident Layers Factory

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Move your magnet with LEFT and RIGHT
Grab and release layers of gum with UP and DOWN.
The magnet can hold up to 7 layers of a single flavor at one time.
If you shoot multiple layers of a single flavor, they'll condense into a single piece!
Stack at least three layers in the correct order to form one complete piece of Trident Layers gum.
Once you make seven pieces of a flavor of gum, you'll earn a fruit flavor jackpot spin!
You can earn laser shots from the jackpot spin. Use the laser with SPACEBAR to clear difficult situations.

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it could be better but due to the... i dont know i think its how there charecters that are obviously complete douche bags and if they're trying to acting so cool whilst making trident then what the hell like, cant you just make it based soully around the game, dont have charecters or that and make it seem less 'douchey' sorry if im being offensive but i feel like its invading my personal space haha.


im first