Elemental Catch 1

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Couldnt wait to make 3 more level packs before releasing, expect fire, water and earth to come as soon as possible!


Start over

This is a horrible idea for a game that has been done a million times before, come up with something more creative.

Not bad with graphics though.

Not finished

-This was a fun little point and click game that easily kept me distracted for a little bit. It seems a little pushed out there though.

-I really would of liked it if you finished all four different elements before you decided to release it. It would of made me want to come back and finish it since I usually don't finish a whole game in one sitting.

-The title screen is well done and everything links respectfully. I think the instructions could be explained a little better or at least of used everything that was in the instructions page but then again it still isn't finished.

-The only thing that this leaves me at is to say just finish the game and i'll come back and give it a proper review on the games full entirety.

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WAY too short

i only rated it this due to the graphics


Interesting, 50/50 Might need some graphical touch ups, and the buttons are hard to get to be pressed. Might want to fix that. Very interesting though

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1.94 / 5.00

May 10, 2010
7:01 PM EDT
Skill - Collect