burger's adventure

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my third try at this game! if you have played the previous versions please try this one please! i have taken your suggestions and fixed the game so have fun!

may,11,2010 :
I listened to stuff people said and made some changes enjoy

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I played it before with no sound

It's not that hard.. I'm just gonna say one thing.. the bombs in the first level.. the non moving ones in the top middle.. doesn't hurt you, as well as the smile face that's in the middle in the boss stage. Correct that.. and also add a: Main Menu button :P

Hey Hey Hey

I think it was good, nice and challenging, and with pretty good art for your first try. I don't know what all these other people are talking about GOOD JOB!

Needs even more work.

I've decided I'll get past the fact that you're a burger navigating around both flying and stationary bombs to continue through castle doors (Was that meant to be hilarious? Because I think most just see it as remarkably silly, and not the fun kind of silly). The game is still impossibly difficult. With the random bombs just sort of flying around the map, it's impossible to have any real kind of strategy. Making the entire gameplay experience based on lucky timing, which isn't all that fun. Also, any game with music or sound effects should always have a mute button. And since I have yet to make it past the 2nd level, it's worth noting that the 2nd level includes a bomb (a non-moving one) that is impossible to bypass without losing some of your health (Condiments? Sesame seeds? What sort of health does a burger have?), and that is dreadfully aggravating.

On the plus side: You have the workings for a very decent 2d objective-oriented strategy platformer here. Bomb physics as they're bouncing off walls are good and your controls feel nice. I'll be honest and say that though I will never, ever take a game based on the adventures of a poorly drawn burger seriously, you shouldn't give up on this project. I know you've done a lot to make this accepted by the NG community and congrats for that. I do feel this game is far from finished, so I'd like to see another draft submitted with all advice taken from the reviews you've gotten. Mostly, I'd like to see a mute button. And have the difficulty lowered tenfold. But again, a mute button would be nice.



Getting there :3

Definetly better :3 May I suggest one more thing?
Tone down the hardness, start with 1 bomb flying random, then add more. Just a suggestion. But the game is good. Might want to touch up the graphics for the start menu and between menus

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3.63 / 5.00

May 10, 2010
6:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other