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ICT quiz game project

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This is my final project for my A-level ICT coursework... the final practical work anyway.. i still need to write loads for it.

Anyway, it's supposed to be an education quiz game based around ICT, aimed at year 10-11 students (14-16 year olds for any non-British people).

*THERE IS NO PRE-LOADER* - please be patient, there's no pre-loader, due to several reasons i couldn't put one on it, the file size is about 1.5MB so please be patient and wait for it to load.

Please constructive critisism only! This is only the 4th project i've done in flash, so let me know what you think! but keep it constructive please.

*edit* Ok i just found a bug already (sound looping problem on instruction frame)... i will ammend it as soon as i get access to my flash file (at school).

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well done!

and its an excellent revision tool! i will be using this frequently

thejdcole responds:

Thanks. I appreciate the comment.


I guess we have the same troubles though I'm doing Media. There's another bug as well as what the person below me said. You can delete your score and just add your own, but it's good enough to tell my friends and help them revise. Good Luck and hope you pass.
A GCSE student :P

thejdcole responds:

Ok, i'm pretty sure i know why you can do that, i will get rid of that asap :P. And thanks for the compliments.

Good but there is a bug

I don't know if this is the bug that you are talking about in your comments, but:

When I was doing the spreadsheet quiz, I was on one of the last questions I skipped doing some of the explanations twice before, probably on question 8 and 9 and on this question at the end I did the explanation for a wrong answer and it started describing what a database was. Then it started the database quiz.

5/5 for a good quiz and showing me that I need to learn more on databases lol

and 9/10 for the bug that I found. Would have been 10/10 for being such a well done quiz with the explanations and everything, but the bug brings it down.

thejdcole responds:

Thanks for the kind words.. i'll be sure to get rid of those bugs.

*Edit* I can't find the bug you mentioned.. maybe it was a one-off but i dont know. Can you be more specific?


It's good to test the ol' noodle once in awhile. I fail at spreadsheets though. lol

thejdcole responds:

I fail at databases the most lol