Sniper Effect

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trial version of my new sniper game. Enjoy

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Looks good so far

I like the look of it so far, the game looks like it is going to be great! :) My suggestions before you release it: Less bitmaps, I think that google images, etc. prevent the game from looking professional. If your not all that good at art, you could get an artist on Newgrounds to do it for you. :P

Anyway that's my suggestion good luck on the game.

not that good

Nothing new, and the animation sucks. also, it keeps restarting after the first level.


I liked the gameplay itself, but the graphics are really nothing special. There is no animation, there are just large red dots (I assume for blood), its only redeeming quality is the tunnel effect on the scope, I liked messing with that. The actual concept is great, if not original, but I have seen much more interesting games without color or pictures of soldiers. The gameplay was smooth, but a bit laggy.
Graphics, 1/10, Originality, 2/10, Gameplay, 6/10. Total ratings, 3/10, 2/5

Okay, Proof-of-Concept

Needs better artwork, sound, and needs to stop a bit of cheating (aka, right-clicking and pressing zoom-in, letting us snipe with even more accuracy).

It would make a nice game if it had a re-vamp of everything and some more game play to it. Like moving targets, being fired at, etc.

No Mute Button

The idea is good, but as tenaciousdkid99 said, it's unrealistic. That brings it down to a 5. The fact that there's no music, means I listen to my own, which I like. But the sniper shots are extremely loud and there's no mute button so the shots are deafening. That lowers it to a 2. Add a mute button, update the death animation, and you get a 10. Also, when I shoot somebody, I noticed they just drop to the side, can you make it a little more realistic?

Credits & Info

1.89 / 5.00

May 9, 2010
5:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person