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this is more of a serious entry. It was a project for english and decided to put it here.
Its based of the book, "the things they carried" by Tim O'Brien. Its his life in vietnam, and others as well.

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pretty good

My dad's dad was in vietnam. I never got to see him thogh becasue after he got backt o teh states, he had contracted cancer thatnks to agent orange. THey tryed many tests but failed.


I just got done doing my presentation on the same book..man I wish I was as talented at animation to make stuff like that...I did the part where Kiowa dies...Man that would have been an interesting flash to make.

Anyway gonna send the link to my teacher :D I think she'll even appriciate it.

Wow man,

hey man, i just saw ure e-mail movie so i started looking at some of the stuff u did in the past. This is one piece of good work, you perswaded me to read this book, thanx.. wonderful :D

gltovar responds:

cool, suprised that is wasnt part of an english class you are taking in highschool. have fun

I don't know if anyone cares but

none of the things in the book happened to Tim O'brian. It's complete fiction and the book isn't an autobiography. ANd none of the characters in the book ever existed. Also, i can't tell form this if you support the war or not. And do you count Vietnamese, American or both in the people who died?
I really don't like this book because he makes it seem likes its true then reveals that its all a lie and his war experience was actually really boring. But thats not your fault.

gltovar responds:

well arent most good stories fiction?

didnt really work

Tim obrien is a brilliant author, he doesnt really translate well into flash tho. The flash segments look a bit silly and add nothing to the writing. I dont see what the facts at the end had to do with anything.

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3.08 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2002
8:01 PM EDT