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Spirited Heart Flash

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This is a flash demo I made for my game Spirited Heart. It's a fantasy life simulation game, similar to Princess Maker. In the downloadable game there are also random encounters with characters, I was unable to put that in the demo itself otherwise would have been too big (also I am not an expert of Flash :>)

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A good try but somewhat lacking

I have been very fond of the princess maker series and took some liking of your demo for that reason. Your game seems to be reasonably true to the spirit of the original but it does leave some things to desire:

The job game gets repetitive quite soon. Also I find that even with pretty good relevant skills the chances of fumbling a working day are irritatingly high. Though it'll take a lot of work, consider altering the mini game rules for the different jobs.
Not being able to try out the advanced jobs is a real downer since it already takes a fair deal of effort to qualify during the demo time.
The skills don't seem to do much except qualify for the jobs or work on some random events, the game needs to expand more in different directions.
Given all this I consider the retail price for the full version pretty steep especially since we don't get to know beforehand how much the gameplay is enhanced in the second phase when advanced jobs come into play.

jack1974 responds:

Glad you like it. I wanted to put more stuff in the flash demo, but since I had to outsource it (I'm not a good flash dev) I had to limit the amount of features :(
In the "regular" downloadable demo there are also the relationships, which are a very important part of the game. THe game is similar to PM, but the relationships parts (and the goddess quest) mke it more oriented toward girls XD


Well see, i'm not personally a fan...but i can see how someone might like it.

Instead of so many still images, should give them some pretty animations!

jack1974 responds:

animation of that quality would have been insanely expensive ;_;


One glitch you might want to patch is that if your negative when taxes are due, the game either hits an infinite loop or freezes.

Otherwise its fun

jack1974 responds:

yes I had other reports of that problem, looking to fix it :)