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Get To The Other Side

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You are a chicken and you gotta get to the other side of the road in this Frogger-esque game. The title really should be You Gotta Get To The Other Side but that was too long so I had to cut the beginning off.

All graphics were made in MS Paint and the irritating voice is the bomb.

Also hitting the Down Arrow on the title screen lets you start with 10 Lives instead of 3

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Funny game, good job kaloo

:< The six lane road is too hard...


This is the most epic game in all of new-grounds. There is truly no way to describe the sheer emotion behind the vast array of characters. The plot leaves you craving more, and talk about a cliff-hanger ending. The only thing this game needs is an "ALOT".


gameplay scuks, graphics suck, music sucks, whats up with the game over music. And I already know I'm suppost to get to the other side, thanks.

well.... its a frogger remake

graphics are ok considering its an old school parody of frogger, the voice is alittle much and it sounds like joe from family guy recorded with the tv on way too loud(probably is)

kaloo responds:

It is not. It is a crappy TTS put through a bunch of filters

this could be front page

work on those graphics and you could have a front page item there.
simple and fun. the formula doesn't fail!

frosty lane was hard though!!!!!

kaloo responds:

Thank you for the positive review. I'll work on improving the graphics some sooner or later.