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Kees' Adventure: TLC

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'Kees' Adventure: The lost chapter' is an adventure game of epic proportions in which you'll need to help our hero get to a concert, but first he must help other people by trading items and getting the things they want. Will you be able to save the day and get Kees to the concert?

Use the arrow keys to move, space for actions and dialogue, enter and backspace to navigate through the menu. With the + and - you can adjust the volume of the sounds and with p you can pause the game.

I used the Flixel framework to make this game, it was all new to me so it took quite a while to get used to. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it.

This is a remake of Kees' Adventure 1, you can play the original and other games in this series here:

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well the graphics are much better in this game and i will wait for i don't know, but i like this series or games.
Good work dude but i was expecting more storie and well just if you make other please make it more long the game.

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, if you like this game I would suggest also checking out the 'Letter for Mimi' series, which are quite similar in gameplay!

Hey, I love the game! This is my type of game I used to play a lot so yeah, I'm glad to play this game. Keep it up! :)

kcnh responds:

Thanks for your positive review!

Fix the controls for the movement.

kcnh responds:

Thanks for your review, how should the controls be fixed?

honestly i feel this is a step back from the previous games in the series, KA3 being my favorite, which had awesome graphics and music. this game is like a rehash of the first one (which i also liked better) and i don't like the graphics and the music didn't really fit (felt more like something for a medieval adventure game or something). i'm really looking forward to a part 4 which hopefully builds upon part 3!

kcnh responds:

The music is called 'Saltarello', which is indeed a medieval song, so you're right on that part. I am a bit surprised to hear that you liked KA3 over this one. The graphics are more pronounced in KA3 than in KATLC, where the latter has more of a SNES style and the first one was aimed at realistic drawings. The gameplay in this one is more or less the same as the other KA games, except that it is a bit longer. What I think the reason is that you dislike this game is because it breaks with the style the previous three games have set up. I agree with that, and I will be sure to take your advice in consideration for the next episode!